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Walt Disney's Comics And Stories (1940) #534

Walt Disney's Comics And Stories (1940) #534

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Volume 1, #534. Anthology.

Gladstone Comics. November, 1988.

Donald Duck in Master Animal Trainer
Writer(s): Volker Reiche, Byron Erickson
Artist(s): Volker Reiche, Sue Daigle

The Li'l Bad Wolf in Catapulting Poppa
Writer(s): Jack Bradbury
Artist(s): Betsy Hutchinson

Artist(s): Al Hubbard, Sue Daigle

Winnie The Pooh
Writer(s): Don Ferguson
Artist(s): Richard Moore, Sue Daigle

Gyro Gearloose in For The Birds
Writer(s): Carl Barks
Artist(s): Carl Barks

Mickey Mouse In The Sunken City
Writer(s): Carl Fallberg
Artist(s): Paul Murry


Cover Art by Russell Schroeder, Bob Foster, Frank Smith