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Walt Disney's Comics And Stories (1940) #528

Walt Disney's Comics And Stories (1940) #528

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Volume 1, #528. Anthology.

Gladstone Comics. April, 1988.

Donald Duck in Oolated Luck
Writer(s): Don Rosa
Artist(s): Don Rosa, Sue Daigle

The Li'l Bad Wolf in A Marble-ous Idea
Writer(s): Carl Buettner
Artist(s): Carl Buettner

Gyro Gearloose in Snow Duster
Writer(s): Carl Barks
Artist(s): Carl Barks

Winnie The Pooh in Winter Comes To The Hundred Acre Wood
Writer(s): Don Ferguson
Artist(s): Richard Moore, Sue Daigle

Mickey Mouse In The Phantom Ship
Writer(s): Carl Fallberg
Artist(s): Paul Murry


Cover Art by Daan Jippes