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Tales From The Crypt #3 Comic Book Cover Art by Jack Davis

Tales From The Crypt (1990) #3

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Volume 1, #3. Reprint Anthology.

Gladstone Comics. November, 1990.

The Crypt Of Terror: Undertaking Pallor
Writer(s): Al Feldstein
Artist(s): Jack Davis

The Vault Of Horror: The Craving Grave
Writer(s): Al Feldstein
Artist(s): Joe Orlando

The Crypt-Keeper's Grim Fairy Tale: The Sleeping Beauty
Writer(s): Al Feldstein
Artist(s): Jack Kamen

The Witch's Cauldron: Shadow Of Death
Writer(s): Al Feldstein
Artist(s): Graham Ingels

Murder May Boomerang
Writer(s): Johnny Craig
Artist(s): Johnny Craig

Death's Double-Cross
Writer(s): Al Feldstein, Bill Gaines
Artist(s): Wally Wood

Snapshot Of Death
Writer(s): Al Feldstein, Bill Gaines
Artist(s): Graham Ingels

High Tide!
Writer(s): Harvey Kurtzman
Artist(s): Harvey Kurtzman


Cover Art by Jack Davis

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