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Star Wars Tales #15 Comic Book Cover Art

Star Wars Tales (1999) #15 (Photo Variant)

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Volume 1, #15. Anthology.

Dark Horse Comics. March, 2003.

Writer(s): Jason Hall
Artist(s): Sunny Lee, Randy Emberlin

First Impressions
Writer(s): Nathan Walker
Artist(s): Kilian Plunkett, Dave Nestelle

Falling Star
Writer(s): Jim Beard
Artist(s): Todd Nauck, Jamie Mendoza, Matthew Anthony

Do Or Do Not
Writer(s): Jay Laird
Artist(s): Timothy Il, James Mason

Slippery Slope
Writer(s): Scott Lobdell
Artist(s): Sean Murphy, Dan Jackson

Lucky Stars
Writer(s): Brian Augustyn
Artist(s): Paco Medina, Joe Sanchez, Michelle Madsen


Photo Cover Variant