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Secrets Of Haunted House (1975) #36

Secrets Of Haunted House (1975) #36

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Volume 1, #36. Anthology.

DC Comics. May, 1981.

Writer(s): Jack C. Harris
Artist(s): Greg LaRocque, Tony DeZuniga

Beware The Sea Hag
Writer(s): Carl Wessler
Artist(s): Wade Hampton

Haunted Humor
Writer(s): Dave Manak
Artist(s): Dave Manak

Sister Sinister
Writer(s): Charlie Seeger
Artist(s): Howard Bender, Larry Mahlstedt

Mister E in Demon Spell!
Writer(s): Bob Rozakis, Jack C. Harris
Artist(s): Dan Speigle, Adrienne Roy


Cover Art: Rich Buckler, Dick Giordano