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Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe, The (1989) #8

Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe, The (1989) #8

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Volume 3, #8. "U-Man to Madelyne Pryor"

Marvel Comics. July, 1989.

Writer(s): Peter Sanderson



Final issue.

Update '89

Cover Art: Ron Frenz, Joe Rubinstein

U-Man by Rich Buckler
Ben Urich by John Romita, Jr.
U.S. Agent by Kieron Dwyer
Utgard-Loki by Sal Buscema
Vagabond by Gavin Curtis
Venom by Erik Larsen
Vertigo by Marc Silvestri
Vishanti by Mike Mignola
Vision by John Byrne
Warwolves by Alan Davis
Watchdogs by Kieron Dwyer
Mary Jane Watson-Parker by Erik Larsen
Whiteout by Marc Silvestri
Whizzer II by Paul Ryan
Widget by Alan Davis
Wildboys by John Romita, Jr.
Wiz Kid by Jon Bogdanove
Wolfpack by Ron Wilson
Wong by Mike Mignola
Worm by Marc Silvestri
Xemnu the Titan by John Byrne
X-Factor Ship by Paul Smith
X-Terminators by Jon Bogdanove
Mariko Yashida by Al Milgrom
Young Gods by Tom Sutton
Yukio by Al Milgrom
Zaladane by Marc Silvestri
Madelyne Pryor (deceased) by Marc Silvestri