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Marvel Voices Pride #1 Comic Book Cover Art by Edge

Marvel Voices: Pride (2021) #1 (Variant Edge)

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Marvel Voices: Pride Volume 1, #1. ComicTom101  MMC Exclusive Variant Cover by Edge. Anthology.

Marvel Comics. August, 2021. 

Writer(s): Luciano Vecchio, Mike O'Sullivan
Artist(s): Luciano Vecchio

The Vows
Writer(s): Allan Heinberg
Artist(s): Jim Cheung, Marcelo Maiolo

Under The Stars
Writer(s): Mariko Tamaki
Artist(s): Kris Anka, Tamra Bonvillain

Something New Every Day
Writer(s): Lilah Sturges
Artist(s): Derek Charm, Brittany Peer

When A Black Cat Crosses Your Path, You Give Them The Right-Of-Way
Writer(s): Leah Williams
Artist(s): Jan Bazaldua, Erick Arciniega

Totally Invulnerable
Writer(s): Crystal Frasier
Artist(s): Jethro Morales, Rachelle Rosenberg

Writer(s): Kieron Gillen
Artist(s): Jen Hickman, Brittany Peer

Good Judy
Writer(s): Terry Blas
Artist(s): Paulina Ganucheau, Kendall Goode

Early Thaw
Writer(s): Anthony Oliveira
Artist(s): Javier Garron, David Curiel

The Man I Know
Writer(s): J.J. Kirby
Artist(s): J.J. Kirby

The Grey Ladies
Writer(s): Tini Howard
Artist(s): Samantha Dodge, Brittany Peer

You Deserve
Writer(s): Vita Ayala
Artist(s): Joanna Estep, Brittney L. Williams, Brittany Peer

Man Of His Dreams
Writer(s): Steve Orlando
Artist(s): Claudia Aguirre, Luciano Vecchio

Love Is Love
Writer(s): Jacopo Camagni
Artist(s): Jacopo Camagni