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Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #25

Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #25

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Volume 1, #25.  Anthology.

Marvel Comics. August, 1989.

Havok - Pharaoh's Legacy Part 2 (of 8): A Heart Reborn
Writer(s): Howard Mackie
Artist(s): Rich Buckler, Joe Rubinstein, Andy Yanchus

Black Panther - Panther's Quest Part 13 (of 25): A Right To Kill
Writer(s): Don McGregor
Artist(s): Gene Colan, Tom Palmer, Mike Rockwitz

Nth Man - ...From Little Acorns Grow
Writer(s): Larry Hama
Artist(s): Ron Wagner, Fred Fredricks, Mark Chiarello

Ursa Major - Sophia
Writer(s): Scott Lobdell
Artist(s): Don Hudson, Chris Ivy, Harry Eisenstein


Cover Art: Kevin Maguire