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Independence Day Dark Fathom Trade Paperback Cover Art

Independence Day: Dark Fathom (2016) TPB

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Trade paperback, First Printing.

Titan Comics. June, 2016.

Writer(s): Victor Gischler

Artist(s): Steve Scott, Rodney Ramos, Alex Shibao, Tazio Bettin, Ivan Rodriguez. Rui Woberto, Renarto Arlem, Giorga Sposito, Jed Dougherty, Stefani Rennee, Thiago Ribeiro, Marcio Menyz, Max Flan, Rodrigo Fernandes, Arison Aguiar, Manny Clark


Collects Independence Day (2016) #1-5 by Titan Books

Official Prequel to Independence Day: Resurgence

Synopsis: In the wake of humanity's triumph against the extraterrestrial threat, Captain Joshua Adams and Doctor Jessica Morgan discover that terror still lurks in the deep. Now, the crew of a small US Navy submarine is all that stands between Earth and our total destruction!