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El Perfecto Comics #1 Comic Book Cover Art by Robert Crumb

El Perfecto Comics (1973) #1

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Volume 1, #1. Anthology. 

Print Mint. 1973.

My First LSD Trip
Writer(s): Robert Crumb
Artist(s): Robert Crumb

Rowdy Noody
Writer(s): Justin Green
Artist(s): Justin Green

Hands Off Tim Leary
Writer(s): Kim Deitch
Artist(s): Kim Deitch

Back Home In Pasadena On Acid
Writer(s): Robert Armstrong
Artist(s): Robert Armstrong

Thrilling Episodes Of Sudden Illumination!
Writer(s): Willy Murphy
Artist(s): Willy Murphy

Annie Danow Takes A Trip
Writer(s): Shelby Sampson
Artist(s): Shelby Sampson

Duck And Weevil
Writer(s): Bobby London
Artist(s): Bobby London

The Leftovers In Louie Burns His Burgers
Writer(s): Gary King
Artist(s): Gary King

I Am The Pontiac!
Writer(s): Gary Hallgren
Artist(s): Gary Hallgren

Somewhere In The Future
Writer(s): Victor Moscoso
Artist(s): Victor Moscosco

El Dopo
Writer(s): Ted Richards
Artist(s): Ted Richards

Fat Freddy's Cat
Writer(s): Gilbert Shelton
Artist(s): Gilbert Shelton

The Happy Couple Take Acid
Writer(s): Diane Noomin
Artist(s): Diane Noomin

Michael From Mountains: An Acid-Age Romance
Writer(s): Trina Robbins
Artist(s): Trina Robbins

Awe's Id Fears
Writer(s): Berkeley
Artist(s): Berkeley

Timothy Leary Encounters Alfred Jarry In Heaven
Writer(s): Bill Griffith
Artist(s): Bill Griffith

Ode To Pigs
Writer(s): Charles Carrot
Artist(s): Charles Carrot

Stubbornly Sincere

And Now...A Word From Our Sponsor
Writer(s): Lora Fountaint
Artist(s): Lora Fountaint

Nation Of Addicts
Writer(s): Lee Marrs
Artist(s): Lee Marrs

Pot Party
Writer(s): Tim Mancusi
Artist(s): Tim Mancusi

If Everyone Dropped Just One Little Tab
Writer(s): Terry Balawejder
Artist(s): Terry Balawejder

Art Shmart in The Art Party Crasher

Acid Revolution

What Is A Criminal
Writer(s): Spain
Artist(s): Spain

Requiem For An Acidhead
Writer(s): Jay Kinnet
Artist(s): Jay Kinnet


El Perfecto is an artist's benefit comic book for The Timothy Leary Defense Fund

Cover Art: Robert Crumb

Mature Readers Only