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Best Of Dark Horse Presents Volume One Comic Cover

Best Of Dark Horse Presents, The (1989) TPB Volume 1

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Volume 1. First Printing. Trade Paperback Anthology.

Dark Horse Comics. 1989.

Concrete: The Gray Embrace
Writer(s): Paul Chadwick
Artist(s): Paul Chadwick

Hellwalk Inc: Cortege
Writer(s)J.M. DeMatteis
Artist(s)Mark Badger

The Sack Murder Of 1954
Writer(s): Rick Geary
Artist(s): Rick Geary

Writer(s): Tony Salmons
Artist(s): Tony Salmons

Writer(s): Gary Davis
Artist(s): Gary Davis

Black Cross
Writer(s): Chris Warner
Artist(s): Chris Warner

Writer(s): Ross Evan West
Artist(s): Carel Moiseiwitsch

Wacky Squirrel: Mixed Results
Writer(s): Jim Bradrick
Artist(s): Jim Bradrick

Dinosaur Tales
Writer(s): Mark A. Nelson
Artist(s): Mark A. Nelson

Concrete: Sky Of Heads
Writer(s): Paul Chadwick
Artist(s): Paul Chadwick, Jed Hotchkiss

Mr. Monster: His World
Writer(s): Michael T. Gilbert
Artist(s): Michael T. Gilbert

The Visit
Writer(s): Doug Pptter
Artist(s): Doug Potter

Bob The Alien (Goes Birddogging)
Writer(s): Rich Rice
Artist(s): Rich Rice

Writer(s): Randy Stradley
Artist(s): Randy Emberlin

Writer(s): Mark Badger
Artist(s): Mark Badger

Monq: Message From Earth
Writer(s): Tony Salmons
Artist(s): Tony Salmons

Writer(s): Geof Darrow
Artist(s): Geof Darrow

Writer(s): Paul Chadwick
Artist(s): Paul Chadwick


Cover Art: Paul Chadwick