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Batman 100-Page Comic Giant (2018) #1 (Walmart)

Batman 100-Page Comic Giant (2018) #1 (Walmart)

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Volume 1, #1. DC 100-Page Comic Giant Distributed by Walmart. Anthology.

DC Comics. July, 2018.

"Batman: One More Chance Part 1 of 2"
Writer(s): Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist(s): Patch Zircher

"Hush Part 1: The Ransom"
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artist(s): Jim Lee, Scott Williams

"Nightwing: Welcome To Gotham"
Writer(s): Kyle Higgins
Artist(s): Eddy Barrows

"Harley Quinn: Hot In The City"
Writer(s): Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist(s): Chad Hardin